Austism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Testing

Our Philosophy

For clients 5-18+, we offer a testing staff that consists of two testing psychologists and master’s level testing assessors who are certified and overseen by a psychologist.

Why is this important?

On a nationwide basis, clinicians with a Master’s Degree level clinicians are not trained in conducting assessments, unless they sought certification post-graduation. Traditionally, testing services have been reserved for doctorate-level psychologist

This means for anyone without a doctorate degree conducting these tests, will either be supervised by a psychologist or psychiatrist or has obtained accredited post-master’s degree certification in a specific suite of instruments. Consider the source, education level, experience and supervision of anyone offering you any type of psych testing. 

For medication needs, ages 12 and up: our collaborating psychiatrist can get you in very quickly, and immediately discuss medication. Again, there’s no retesting being done.


What to expect:

  • For all testing services, please expect that the testing process will take up to 7 business days.
    • This includes booking your appointment, completing your appointment, and receiving your results. 

  • No refunds on testing services.

  • If you are an existing client at Transformative Growth Counseling, your results will be made available to your established therapist, for you to additionally review results.

  • Autism and full assessment
    • Session 1: Introduction and intake
    • Session 2: Testing pt. 1
    • Session 3: Testing pt. 2
    • Session 4: Results and psychoeducation

Autism Spectrum Disorder Full Assessment (5-18+): $1299

The Monteiro Interview Guidelines for Diagnosing the Autism Spectrum, Second Edition is a sensory-based process for gathering and organizing the qualitative information needed to diagnose autism in children, adolescents, and adults. The process includes guidelines for gathering information from parents/caregivers and teachers, and for conducting a sensory-based interview with the individual being evaluated. The end result is a comprehensive behavioral profile that describes the individual’s distinct way of relating to the world, supplementing assessment scores and informing diagnosis and treatment planning. The MIGDAS-2 process is designed to facilitate writing a narrative evaluation report and providing diagnostic feedback using language that is easily understood by parents and others involved in the individual’s care.

Key features of the MIGDAS-2 Assessment: 

  1. Interactive interview techniques
  2. Parent/caregiver and teacher participation
  3. Comprehensive qualitative information
  4. Sensory-based approach

Advocacy Services


We’re happy to help and have lots of experience advocating with clients to assist them in meeting their goals regarding schools and workplaces. 

Currently, schools are inundated with requests to assess and provide services for ASD. This is a problem because teachers, schools, and some mental health centers are not qualified to detect ASD diagnoses. When a school becomes overwhelmed, a common reaction is to ignore requests.


No worries -we will walk you through what’s next.


If you need someone to advocate for you, attend IEP/504 meetings or help formulate accommodations in the school or workplace, we are here to help. 

Advocacy is not therapy, so we can not use insurance to cover the cost of assisting your case outside the therapy room. There is a separate rate of $300 per hour for advocacy phone calls, emails and appearances, which must be paid in advance.