Frequently Asked Questions​

Getting an accurate information can be one of the most impactful experiences that you can have. We can help you get there.

We accept the following forms of payment: 

All credit & debit cards, HSA/FLEX account, zelle, cashapp, venmo, paypal. 

We are IN network with the following insurance companies, accepting PPOs:

  • BCBS 
  • AETNA 
  • UHC/ United
  • Optum
  • Any PPO Plan

Please note we are not in network with any HMO or Medicaid/Medicare.

We do not accept EAPs but will work out a financial plan with you to make using your regular insurance, worth it to you.

See sliding scale FAQ (next) for more info. 

At Transformative Growth Counseling, all of our staff are fully vaccinated. In order to protect ourselves and other clients, we require proof of being fully vaccinated in order to meet your therapist in-person.

You can submit your vaccination card in multiple ways : Fax a photo to us at 8442707898, email the photo to us at, or upload it directly to our Office Staff through the site! Visit our COVID-19 page to learn more.

If you do not want to share your vaccination status, or have chosen not be vaccinated, we do have telehealth options available for you.

If you have any concerns about privacy, please feel free to read this Harvard Medical article on why asking for vaccination status is not against HIPAA compliancy. 

Harvard Medical Link:

When you make an appointment, an invitation to log in to the client portal is sent to the email you’ve provided. If you’ve never logged in before you can click this link go to the sign up page. To sign up for an appointment, please call us at: 630-423-6010.

You can accomplish this several ways. First, is to contact your therapist directly by phone or email. If you do not have this information handy you can:

  • Reply  to your emailed appointment reminder, log in to your Jane Portal.
  • Send email 
  • TEXT our mainline: 630-423-6010
  • Finally, you can call us 24/7 and you’ll be prompted to leave a voicemail message. 630-423-6010
Contact us for any insurance related questions. Email or call/ text: 630-423-6010

Appointments are held in room D230 and D231, by appointment, as listed on the schedule posted outside the offices.  Contact Michelle, our site director at KCC for any help or confusion you may have. 

Please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. Notify your therapist; but most importantly, please seek help! We are not a crisis facility; while we can help you during your sessions, we are usually unable to get someone in the same day.

2022 Policies:

Here at TGC we offer sliding scale to our clients in need, in  the following three level (tier) system: 

Tier 1 - For those with MEDICAID/MEDICARE: 

We are not IN net1work with medicaid, medicare, community medical plans or any plan paid for by the government that is  based on your income.  HOWEVER... 

We do "accept" medicaid/medicare as "proof" of financial need, when you show us your current month's medical card. Then, we can offer you sliding scale appointments at a starting cost of $15. (Some specialties, and providers have a higher base cost for sliding scale due to the in increased education being needed to conduct said therapy, or intesity of the work being conducted. ) 

All sliding scale appointments, are a first come, first serve basis and the counselor you chose may not have openings for more charity care or more clients, in general.

Documents needed: 

  • Proof of current month coverage/enrollment in  Medicaid or government sponsored insurance. 
  • Documentation showing proof of medicaid coverage will be asked for every three months. 
  • These appts are in high demand; availability depends on clinician's schedule, your needs, location and duration of service. 

Not using medicaid or medicare and still facing a financial need?  Or perhaps  you have state aid but don't want to use it, so you can access a higher level of care? Continue reading.....

For those needing sliding scale but are not on or using,  government assistance or wish to see a particular clinical staff who is full for medicaid patients, we offer two additional tiers of care, which you can chose from. 

Tier 2: $50-$105

Appointments are set at $50 to $105. Your cost will not exceed $105 per visit.  

Documents needed to apply: 

  • None.


We assume you have a financial need that may not be apparent on pay check stubs or tax returns, but you don't meet the income level needed to qualify for  government  assistance.... Perhaps you have a high deductible; are in between jobs or insurance plans, or things are just *tight* right now in general. We get it.  This is perfect for the person, couple or family that just needs a break right now, but not with a lot of paperwork hassle. 

  • Re-assessment of financial situation is asked about annually. We trust that if you get that new job, new insurance or new windfall, you'll contact us to change your payment amount or method. 

Tier 3: $15 -45. 

Appointments are set at $15-$45. Your appointment cost won't exceed $45 per 50 min visit. 

Documents needed to apply: 

  • Proof of income for the entire household, for the last two months.
  • Most recent/ up to date, filed & accepted tax returns.
  • Re-verification of income is done every 6 months. 

Please contact our office to discuss which tier you fit under so that we can properly assist you in setting up an appointment and ensuring your billing is reflected properly. 

If you were w/ our agency actively before changes were made in 2022, you may have a different financial set up.  Your account is followed the following fiscal year,  under whatever current financial plan you have, even if it differs from above,  which depended on the clinician's openings for free  vs sliding scale clients. 

Please note, if you leave active therapy and return later, you will be subject to our new financial policies currently implemented.