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Dr. Jessica Swenson

CEO, Founder.

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  • Relationships
  • Animal Assisted Therapy
  • Attachment Issues
  • Lesbian & Bi Dating.
  • Psychological Assessments
  • Sex Therapy
  • Trauma
  • Trust & Abandonment.
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Dr. Jessica Swenson is a warm and compassionate clinical therapist and Community Psychologist who specializes in Relationships. So, that doesn’t mean just romantic couples: it also encompasses all the other relationships we have – parents, siblings, children, community, extended family, your boss or employees, friends and of course, your romantic partner. 

Humans are biologically programmed for desiring relationships and attachment to other people; relationships are what we humans do. Through evidence based, emotionally focused counseling for individuals, couples, and children, Jessica will help you discover the dynamics and struggles within a troubled relationship. In treating relationships (e.g. couples), Jessica uses Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) and Emotionally Focused Family Therapy to help you and your partner, or family, change their attachment to each other. 

For those in non-monogamous, poly, kink, or LGBTQIA relationships, Dr. Norman takes a sex positive, flexible approach to working with these unique relationship issues. Sexual minority couples have different dynamics and internal workings than the traditional, monogamous Male-Female couple. Jessica is active in advocating for LGBTQIA & sexual minorities rights, and stays current in the newest psychology research on “non-traditional” relationships. 


In addition to human attachment, Dr. Swenson is also certified in animal assisted therapy and works with clients and animals to facilitate therapy, connection and mindfulness in innovative ways. She is currently working within an USDA grant to bring animals and peer mental health care, together on school campuses. 

Jessica is the founder of TGC, a pioneering nonprofit counseling center known for its significant impact on mental health services across five states. Under her leadership, TGC has become one of the nation’s largest minority-led nonprofit counseling centers, providing on average 1.5 million dollars annually in free and low-cost services. This remarkable achievement reflects the collective efforts of an exceptional team, including staff, volunteers, a board of directors, and community stakeholders, all contributing to a broad demographic reach.

At the heart of TGC’s mission, Jessica’s current work focuses on expanding peer mental health programming as a counseling paraprofessional across multiple complementary and alternative healthcare settings. This innovative approach integrates traditional mental health support with alternative practices such as yoga, holistic medicine, and animal-assisted therapy. This multifaceted strategy aims to create more accessible, holistic care options for those seeking support, demonstrating Jessica’s forward-thinking in mental health service provision.

Jessica’s role extends beyond organizational leadership. As a community psychologist, her efforts with the TGC team have led to the development, implementation, and management of original peer support research programs for colleges. These programs not only offer on-site counseling but also encompass the comprehensive management of the Mental Health Early Action on Campus Act across multiple college sites. Recognized for her contributions, Jessica serves on the Illinois legislative Steering Committee for the Act, highlighting her as a distinguished member and invited speaker at the Chicago Executive’s Club.(put that exec club link in here) 

Her commitment to mental health is further evident in her collaboration with community partners to promote mental fitness and understanding of masculinity among veterans, men, and boys. This nuanced approach is complemented by her team’s development of tailored programming aimed at enhancing child development, reducing trauma exposure, and building resilience in public schools across Chicago. This initiative underscores Jessica’s dedication to improving educational and developmental outcomes through evidence-based interventions for individuals throughout their entire lifespan.

Nationally, Jessica’s contributions to the field of psychology are recognized through her role as a peer research  and grant proposal reviewer for the American Psychological Association. Her scholarly efforts support the advancement of psychological research through rigorous evaluation. Additionally, her academic involvement includes teaching at the university level and mentoring clinical graduate students, enriching both the academic and practical experiences of future psychologists.

Jessica also extends her expertise through consultancy services, focusing on health, wellness, and mental health program development. Serving a wide array of clients, including small organizations, schools, nonprofits, government bodies, and grassroots organizations, she underscores her commitment to enhancing mental health and wellness across various sectors. Jessica’s multifaceted role in mental health, education, and community engagement demonstrates her profound commitment to making a meaningful difference in these critical areas of society.

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