Professional Mental Health Programing For Schools

Is your school struggling to hire enough mental health providers for your students?
Are you worried about cost?
We can help!

Transformative Growth Counseling specializes in implementing and maintaining programs that will ensure your students have safe, affordable access to mental health services, psychiatry, education and peer support, during and after school.

Money and budget constraints are biggest challenges and fear school leaders report having when it comes to bringing mental health access, on campus. The good news is, we can offer stand-alone mental health services to your students at no cost to the institution, while offering low income students sliding scale rates for therapy. 

Historically, the average cost of a sliding scale therapy session at school/college sites we currently operate in is $11; whereas for-profit entities and hospital systems are likely to charge the market rate of $175 per session.  


Our expert team of licensed staff and supervisors can create and manage a wide variety of mental health services to meet student needs AND any compliance requirements found within mental health grants (e.g. CARES act, USDA) that your school may be working with. Most commonly we see schools with needs such as: 

  • Mental Health First Aid training for staff.
  • Individual Child, Adult, group, crisis counseling for students on site. 
  • Psychiatric services (medication)
  • Monthly mental health awareness education and events. 
  • Establishment of partnerships with local resources to assist students.
  • Recommend and/or design an evidence-based, reliable online screening tool for use on the school’s website.
  • Online evidence-based mental health screening tools for use on the school website. 
    • We can create a customized screening tool based on the needs of your students.
  • Access to therapists with diverse backgrounds- lgbtqia, BIPOC, first generation, military, etc. 
  • Collection, maintenance, and completion of all reporting requirements needed for any grant funding you may be using. 
  • We coordinate HIPAA-compliant data collection efforts  to help you sustain and obtain more grant funding. 
  • And more!


Our specialty since 2017, has been the creation and implementation of customized mental health programs to ensure the highest quality of service and care for students.

Transformative Growth Counseling is a 501c(3) non-profit organization with a mission of providing mental health services to underserved populations, including students, rurally located persons, members of the LGBTQIA+, Veteran & Active Duty Military, and BIPOC communities.TGC has been conducting peer-to-peer programming, organizational consultation, access to mental health care and school-wide mental health education, in person and online, in primary and secondary schools since 2017. 

Some of our successful collaborations for consultations, mental health treatment, mental health education and resources, and peer-to-peer programming include, but are not limited to, the following academic institutions and agencies 

  • Kankakee Community College
  • Illinois Valley Community College
  • DePaul University
  • University of Illinois Chicago
  • TRIO
  • Somaly Maam Foundation – Cambodia
  • IPSD 203 – Naperville primary schools
  • Clay County primary & secondary schools
  • Movemeber Foundation
  • Prevention Institute
  • Dupage County Health Department
  • Family Focus
  • Illinois Department of Justice
  • CASA
  • CHIP
  • World Relief
  • Far South Chicago Coalition
  • The Field Museum (Not MH related)
  • The Flagg-Rochelle Museum (Not MH related)



Since 2017, what we have found in our collaborations with many schools is that one solution does not fit all. But by building a customized plan for mental health in your school and using evidence-based research to lead that programming, the result is a solid foundation that will help support students’ mental health care needs, provide them with community resources and retain more of them, all the way through graduation.  In most cases, we can go from creation to implementation in as quickly as 90 days. 

If you are interested in consulting to discuss how we might be able to help your school, please contact us directly: