Couple Counseling

As clinical therapists, we specialize in helping couples transform their relationships, with Marriage Counseling and Couples Counseling in Naperville, Chicago and Rochelle. We use Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy which has up to a 90% success rate in couples who complete the EFT counseling steps. Couples Counseling can support you in creating a closer bond with your partner, improve your communication skills, help heal past pains, reignite your sexual life, and so much more!

Our attachment-based marriage counseling and couples counseling services have been covered in: Boston Herald, The Miami Herald, ABC, Wallstreet Select, and the Kansas City Star! We welcome the help of those from LGBTIA, Kink, Open/ Poly & Christian communities.

If your relationships are struggling with any of these issues – we can help!

Communication problems


Lying &



Fears of Abandonment


Lying &

Poly / Open /


LGBTQIA-specific issues

Trauma /


Couple Counseling can improve communication skills by teaching attentive listening, self-reflection, and other techniques to both partners to create insight and lasting change in the relationship.

Built Trust

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy has a 90% success rate in couples who complete the EFT counseling steps. Through these steps, our counseling supports creating a stronger bond between couples, as well as help heal past pains, reigniting your sexual life, and so much more.

End Conflicts

Many couples struggle with coming in for the help that they need; hoping something will change naturally or with more conflict, people tend to hold out before seeking help. We encourage you to call or email us to get more information on how therapy can help your specific couple issues, before it’s too late. The sooner you seek help, the higher the success rate you will have in counseling.

Emotionally Focused Attachment Counseling

The EFT has a 90% success rate for couples who follow through with the steps below:

  • Regularly attend and engage in your sessions- as well as all 8 steps within EFT. Depending on the severity, intensity, and duration of the issues the couple is experiencing. This may take 12 sessions or a period of one year. Every marriage or relationship is different, and your counselor will give you feedback on your treatment plan and expected time to resolve your struggles in counseling. If you’ve already decided you’re done with the relationship and want to part ways, couple’s therapy will likely not be helpful.
  • Ending all affairs. If there is an ongoing affair, the couple cannot move forward.
  • Completing in-between sessions couple’s work.
  • The biggest threat to your relationship is inaction. Regardless of what therapy approach is being used, we know what doesn’t work: continuing to fight, criticize each other, or withdrawing in order to avoid addressing the turmoil, anger and hurt you’re both likely holding on to.

Couples Counseling FAQ

Some of our most frequently asked questions about couples counseling.

No. You don’t have to be married to participate in couples counseling, and often times it is extremely beneficial to engage in couples counseling if your relationship is experiencing problems and you and your partner are planning on getting married. We are an open and affirming practice who welcomes all Couples – Straight, LGBT, Monoamous, Poly, Kink and Alternative – whatever your relationship type, you’re welcome here!

Other important benefits of seeking treatment include learning how to communicate with your significant other without resentment, and you both will learn how to deal with issues head on with one another.

Yes we do. Transformative Growth is a safe, LGBT friendly counseling center. We provide excellent care for people of all walks of life, regardless of sexual orientation.