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Transformative Growth offers formal clinical testing for all mental health issues, for children and adults, ages 5 and up.  Testing is conducted by either Dr. Jessica Swenson, or  Kaitlan Johnson, PsyD(c). Kaitlan is a licensed therapist and doctoral candidate who specializes in psychiatric and psychological testing, and any supportive paperwork needed. Dr. Jessica is a community psychologist who has over a decade experience in testing, evaluation and reporting. 


We routinely perform testing for:

  • ADHD screenings, ages 5 & up: $300.
  • Full Spectrum testing +  ADHD, with clinical documentation for school help & advocacy:  (ages 5-17): $1,049- $1299.

Wondering which you need and why? Find out more about ADHD specific testing here!


  • Autism + full spectrum testing – $1299.00
  • Full psychiatric assessment – $1049.00. These are typically only warranted for children in school settings, or adults with court mandated issues such as crime, custody, divorce, work mans comp.  This should not be used for ADHD or AUSTIM – please click here for ADHD testing. See autism pricing above.  
Other specific, shorter-form testing: 
  • Dissociative Identity Disorder  $300.
  • Personality Disorders  $300.
  • Mood disorders – $300.00
  • Bipolar – $300.00 

Please note, no refunds are given because you don’t like or agree with your testing results.

* Most insurances cover psychological testing; your benefits will be checked prior to booking the appointment. If you do not have insurance, we offer testing at a discounted cash rate. Please inquire with our office for that rate, as it varies depending on your needs and the type of testing requested. 

While there are lots of free “tools”, Mental Health videos and cheap health coaches online to help you try to determine your diagnosis, nothing is as reliable and valid as actual clinical testing performed by trained, licensed professionals. 

You wouldn’t diagnosis yourself with diabetes and start insulin, all  based on social media or an article you read, would you? So don’t do that to your mental health, either! 
Interested in reading more about how testing works, history and limitation? Geek out here! 

The formal, clinical testing we use at TGC is always carried out by either Kaitlan Johnson, PsyD(C) or Dr. Jessica Swenson,  Psychologist or by a testing assessor supervised by Kaitlan or Dr. Jessica. 


Generally speaking: 

  • Most testing can usually be done within 1-2 sessions; results are rapid and….
  • Results produce valid and reliable outcomes. Meaning, retesting would result in the same diagnosis with at least 95-99% accuracy.
  • Meets criteria for criminal and civil court.
  • Accepted at schools for SpEd, IEPs, 504 plans**.
  • Can be used to apply  for social security disability.
  • Valid for cosmetic and bariatric surgery, IVF/adoption and custody cases.
  • All testes used are standards in care and are typically known and accepted nationwide by psychiatrists for medication management.

We accept PPO insurance:

  • BCBS
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • United Health
  • Optum
  • Self pay / most HSA & FLEX.

Please note, we do not accept EAPs.


If you are located outside of the states of IL, FL, or VA, you can submit your super bill to insurance for reimbursement for the TIME with your testing professional. 

We do not accept Medicaid or Medicare for testing. 


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