Mental Health First Aid

The Unseen Danger Lurking in Your Workplace


In the dimmed corners of your school hallway, behind the hum of machines in factories, and amidst the bustling cubicles of your office, there’s an invisible threat. A silent epidemic that’s more pervasive than you’d imagine. **Mental health challenges.**

But what if you had the power to confront this hidden adversary? To equip your administrators, HR teams, managers, teachers, receptionists, directors, and every leader or even staff person, within your organization to stand tall against this menace?

🔥 **Introducing the Mental Health First Aid Certification (MHFA)** 🔥

Empower those at the helm to:

  • Recognize the signs before they escalate.
  • Respond with confidence and empathy.
  • Restore the balance of your working environment.

💼 **Why MHFA for your organization?** 

Providing Mental Health First Aid Certification in the workplace has been shown to: 

  • Decrease Absenteeism: Ensure your team shows up, mentally and physically.
  • Mitigate Conflicts: Harmony is only a certification away.
  • Prevent Tragedies: MHFA training can be a life-saving tool, reducing the risks of suicide and homicidal threats.
  • Secure Your Premises: Lower incidents of workplace hostility and threats.

Training Options Tailored for You

Trainings are lead by our team of mental health experts: 

Jen Brens, MHP, MHFA trainer and Jessica Swenson, Community Psychologist. 

Group Training: At just $75 per person, we offer both virtual and in-person group sessions.

Private 1:1 Training: Get dedicated attention when it’s convenient for you. Virtual or in-person. Contact us for pricing.

Equip your institution with the armor it needs against the unseen challenges of mental health. Protect your people, your productivity, and your peace of mind.

Dare to confront the silent epidemic. Become a beacon of mental health empowerment.

👉 **Email Us to Enroll Now** 👈

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