PTSD Treatment

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD can develop at any age in survivors of trauma. Trauma includes physical and sexual assault, abuse, abandonment by a loved one, car accidents disasters, terror attacks and many other serious events. At its root, a traumatic event has caused a person’s brain to become fearful for their (or someone else’s) life and is responding to triggers in the environment to continue to keep you safe from perceived threats around you.

Symptoms of PTSD

  • Patients who suffer from PTSD often experience flashbacks of traumatic events, and they often find themselves reliving those instances.
  • When a person has been affected by trauma, the “warning system” part of the brain is turned on … and looking for danger!
  • PTSD and Trauma affect your emotions and thoughts. For some, if left unchecked, you may start to have random outbursts of anger.

PTSD Frequently Asked Questions

Getting an accurate diagnosis can be one of the most impactful experiences that you can have. We can help you get there.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – that’s the name, but at TGC we simply call it trauma. Trauma is a biological response in the brain and body, for current and future survival after experiencing life threatening event such as military combat, sexual assault or rape, child abuse, or even a natural disaster. While slightly different, emotional trauma also develops when we are abandoned by loved ones, or lose our attachment to our spouse, children or family members. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder often can serious emotional distress, panic and anxiety – and we understand fully that living with Trauma is uncomfortable. When you are is suffering from the effects of trauma, it’s often difficult to do normal everyday tasks like getting up to goto work, maintain healthy relationships. or doing day to day activities such as the the laundry. At times, this can lead into a cycle of depression.

At TGC, we offer evidence based trauma care for children and adults. As practitioners, we use Memory Reconsolidating, EMDR techniques, and Somatic healing to help you become more than an amazing Trauma survivors – but rather, a trauma THRIVER.

Unfortunately, yes children are traumatized, and that can result in PTSD or other stress disorders. A recent study indicated (ACES) that 70% of children will experience traumatic events in their childhood. We work with children – and adults – to overcome trauma, and develop strong resiliency to prevent future traumatizing events from affecting your brain and body. The newest Research shows that therapy alone isn’t enough for PTSD. People, and entire communities, need resiliency to survive and thrive when bad things happen to us or around us. By becoming resilient, trauma doesn’t “hit” us as hard; and oftentimes this can lessen or stop the effects of what would be, PTSD. At TGC, we don’t just treat trauma, we take that extra step in your care to help you become resilient; a vital step in your future survival, is often overlooked in many common trauma therapies.

Most patients who abide by treatment plans do experience relief, and over time, they usually have no or minimal occurrences of PTSD, especially when using the newest neuroscience therapy of Memory Reconsolidation / Rapid Resolution Trauma Therapy, and incorporating Resiliency building. While some patients go on to never experience a single symptom ever again, no one can guarantee that you won’t experience any symptoms related to trauma. This is especially true if your trauma is complex and repeated. We can, however, help you learn to find renewed inner peace and protect yourself against further traumas.


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