New Year, New Health

Are you ready for a profound shift in your well-being? Dr. Jessica Swenson & Renee Edwards invite you to embark on an extraordinary journey to renew your health. Imagine a world where you not only set health goals but also thrive in a community of like-minded individuals, offering peer accountability and support.
Any goals you want to set, we'll help you. Most people join the group hoping to lose weight, move more, or eat better. That's exactly what we're helping people to do!
In this ongoing group, you'll not only unlock the secrets to setting and achieving health goals but also benefit from professional psychological support. Dr. Swenson and Renee Edwards combine scientific facts with psychological skills, providing you with practical tips to conquer and sustain your health aspirations.

How is this group different than, any other group?

That’s a very broad question, but we can describe how this group operates, which might be different than other groups you tried. This group utilizes the existing and ever-growing body of research on brain and gut health to help you achieve whatever goals you have, including weight loss, fitness, reducing alcohol, etc.

This group aims to help people address any or all health goals. For example, someone might recognize that they struggle to drink enough water each day. While that doesn’t really seem like it applies to poor nutrition, I think we can all agree that it is good for your well-being to drink water. This group can be used to meet a goal like that, or a more common goal, weight loss and fitness. This group can be used for any goals you have, and it offers a safe space, with additional experts from the BIPOC, military and LGBTQIA community. 

Meet Dr. Jessica Swenson: Your CAHM Provider & Psychologist 🌿✨

Dr. Jessica Swenson, is a community psychologist and certified CAHM health provider, is both professionally and personally passionate about the world of wellness, nutrition, movement, and the connection between gut health and brain functioning. Dr. Jessica is not only certified in, and completed an additional internship for Nutrition for Mental Health and Wellbeing, accredited by PESI, she has also received personal guidance from the renowned Dr. Leslie Korn, founder of the NMHW school program in 2019.

In 2020, She completed post-graduate schooling and certification at Stanford University in Nutritional Science in 2020, which gives her the training and scope of practice expertise to help clients understand how the food they eat and the movement they do, directly affects their brain and body functioning, and hence, their overall mental health.

With a journey fueled by personal transformation, Dr. Jessica shifted her focus to the fascinating realm of the gut-brain connection in 2019. Taking her own health and wellness seriously, she embarked on a mission to specialize in this intricate field. Now, as your wellness guide and trusted therapist, Dr. Jessica brings a wealth of expertise to the “New Year, New Health” group, ensuring that your journey is not only transformative but grounded in the latest science.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our most frequently asked questions about Attachment Disorders. 

It costs nothing to access this group!
The group is versatile for any health or wellness goal related to food/nutrition and movement. Whether it's weight management, improving fitness, or enhancing overall well-being, the possibilities are vast. Examples include weight loss milestones, dietary changes, or establishing a regular exercise routine.

No need for extra expenses! The group utilizes free platforms like Facebook and MyFitnessPal. For Facebook participation, consider creating a profile you're comfortable with for group purposes. You can use an alias, but Dr. Jessica needs to know to link it with your health profile in Jane.