Benefits of Cash Payment

  • No deductibles
  • No rejections
  • No chargebacks
  • No sudden disconnection of service or denied claims
  • Simply put – no games. 

Read below to find out how cash payments can be a great option for therapy treatment.

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Cash and Out of Pocket Payment

We offer cash discounts for clients who would like to pay with cash to maintain their privacy.

If you prefer to use insurance, no problem!  We are in network with the following companies below; but please note, we accept any PPO, from any plan! 

What Insurance do we accept? ​




Optum/ United Health Care



Learn More About the Benefits of Cash Payment

Privacy and Control

With paying out of pocket, you can decide which therapist is best for you without having to worry about if that therapist is approved by your insurance company or not. This allows you to have complete control over finding the right therapist that fits your needs. 

Privacy is also an advantage to paying out of pocket. With HIPAA laws your privacy is always protected – but when you pay using an insurance company, they do have the ability to request full records or progress notes from your therapist’s office.

 Insurance companies often require a mental health diagnosis for their records, which can pose another issue with privacy, and can create a stigma with insurance companies who may only cover the cost of treatment for severe mental health diagnosis.

Online Therapy

Online therapy has become widely used, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Clients are able to use online therapy from home, work, or travel which greatly benefits ease of access to treatment. Although online therapy has become more common, some insurance companies do not recognize this treatment and will not cover the cost for Online Therapy sessions.

At TGC, we offer video therapy, online sessions, and other specialized treatment plans for our clients. We are happy to work with you to come up with the right practice for your individual needs.

Appointment Availability

Another con for insurance companies is that you may be denied or put on waitlist for treatment. Denied claims waste time and cause disruption to treatment plans. Some clients can be denied without knowing, and may end up paying a larger out-of-pocket expense that they were not expecting. These unexpected chargebacks can happen years after treatment. 

Cutting out the middle man or the insurance company means that you will be able to have direct and clear communication on how much your therapy sessions will cost, and the added benefit of being able to access therapy quickly.

Insurance often sets a limit on the number of sessions you will have – sometimes as few as 1-3 sessions. How can one person really be expected to change reasonably in one or two, 50 minute sessions?

Add in the fact that insurance companies often set a time limit of 45 minutes per session, with notes taken “concurrently”; this means your therapist is ideally, typing as you talk, and pausing to respond in-between note taking. Otherwise, the session might be shorter, in order for the therapist to have time to take notes afterwards. 

By paying out of pocket, you will have more control over the number of sessions you have, setting a time limit for each session, and greater availability for appointment times and dates that work for you.

Money Motivator

No one likes to waste money! Making each session count is important, and when using your own funds for treatment you are more likely to not only commit but show up with the mindset of trying to get as much as you can out of treatment.