Meet Our Team

MSW, Clinical Intern


  • Trauma
  • Attachment Disorders
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD
  • Kink/Poly Relationships
  • Couples
  • Crisis Intervention

Do you feel that past experiences that have affected you so deeply that they have fundamentally changed the way you relate to yourself and the world around you?  Do you often feel misunderstood or trapped inside your emotions? Sometimes, our past experiences can cause stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma. As a result of these experiences, the brain creates protective barriers to shield us from unpleasant memories, feelings, and experiences. Though this barrier is there to protect you, it can also disconnect you from your inner and outer world, effectively disrupting interpersonal relationships and hindering personal growth at the same time. These thoughts and emotions may feel too big and overwhelming to process, thus robbing you of the connections and joy you wish to have in life. Allow me to walk with you as you explore the barriers within you that are keeping peace and wholeness.  



I am deeply committed to creating a safe and inclusive space for all my clients. My work is trauma-focused, and I have extensive experience helping individuals who have experienced trauma, anxiety, stress, depression, and conflict. I lead my counseling sessions with a mind-body approach by incorporating mindfulness, meditation, and breath into each session. I leverage Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy, Mindful-Cognitive Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Attachment Theory, and other evidence-based approaches to help you. I specialize in working with BIPOC and LGBTQIA communities and invite individuals of all cultures, ethnicities, ages, orientations, and backgrounds to work with me.  Additionally, I have a passion for supporting Neruodivergent children and families as they navigate through the intricacies of the education system.



Trauma, depression, anxiety, stress management, conflict, grief, and PTSD are my primary specializations; I also enjoy working, Kink/BDSM lifestyle dynamics, polyamory/non-monogamous relationships, and other alternative forms of couple/familial bonds.  



I am passionate about helping others find their own path toward healing and growth. Whether working with individuals, couples, or families, I am dedicated to helping my clients cultivate the resilience and self-compassion they need to thrive.

 received a master’s degree in clinical social work from Florida State University and a Bachelor of Social Work from Florida A&M University. These experiences have allowed her to develop a strong foundation in evidence-based approaches to therapy and a deep understanding of the social and systemic factors that can impact an individual’s mental health. 

She is passionate about using her skills and knowledge to support my clients in overcoming the challenges they face and achieving their goals, whether they are seeking support for their personal growth, relationships, or mental health.