Meet Our Team

Clinical Intern, MA in Clinical Psychology


• Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
• Black Mental Wellness
• Family systems
• PTSD / Trauma  
• Mindfulness    
• Life Transitions
• Identities  
• Relationship dynamics  
• Depression
• LGBTQIA + life
• Personality Disorders
• Couples and Family Counseling  
• Anxiety and related disorders

I am a clinical intern with a background in education. I believe in genuine respect for individuals and their natural systems. My person-centered approach encourages people to share their experiences without judgement, set their own goals, and find balance in their lives.

Navigating family dynamics and family history are important to understanding ourselves. In my work, I find opportunities to examine stages of development, power, boundaries, and intimacy within our relationships. Over the years, my experiences have strengthened my own self-awareness, compassion, and acceptance. I enjoy working with couples and families, as well as individuals. My greatest desire is for you to reach your full potential of happiness and peace.

In 2006, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  During undergrad years and afterward, I worked in Parent-Child Interactive Therapy research and volunteered at local foster care agencies.  

Staying true to my heart’s desire to help children, I later moved to Chicago to attend DePaul University where, in 2011, I earned a Master’s degree in Education.  I taught middle school history for a short while before becoming an academic advisor at a university.  Most of my work experiences involve helping individuals manage difficult life transitions. I have had training in implicit biases and cross-cultural mentoring.  Under supervision, I also provided exposure-based CBT therapy for children with anxiety-related disorders.  I am now completing a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology.