Meet Our Team

MSW Clinical Therapist


  • Abuse
  • Communication Issues
  • Gender Nonconformity and Expansiveness
  • Identity Issues
  • LGBTQIA+ Issues
  • Life Transitions
  • Mood Disorders
  • Multicultural Concerns
  • PTSD/Trauma
  • Self-Image
  • Trauma and PTSD

 With an open heart and mind, I am here to provide guidance and comfort throughout your wellness journey.

Finding the support that you need is no easy feat, and the fact that you are here is a great first step. True to my interest in person-centered therapy and the strengths-based perspective, I believe in honoring the emotions and experiences that make up who you are as a unique individual. By consistently cultivating a liberating and judgement-free space, I aim to explore personal challenges through an empathic and compassionate lens.

Throughout my second year of graduate school, I had the pleasure of being a clinical therapist intern at TGC. Under intense supervision, I primarily worked with individual adults from a wide array of sociocultural backgrounds. During my internship, I also completed multiple trauma seminars and mainly utilized narrative therapy to help my clients gain a more holistic understanding of their thought patterns and behaviors. Additionally, I have provided clients with letters for emotional support animals and gender-affirming surgeries.

As someone who is deeply invested in exploring the stories of people from all walks of life, I truly look forward to building a warm and fruitful therapeutic relationship. Let’s work together to help you flourish.