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Transformative Growth's Testing Services

Our approach:

TGC has been around since 2016 as a 501c3 federally recognized nonprofit organization. Every dollar earned is given back to the community – in 2022, we provided 1.25 MILLION in free services to our communities.  So, you can trust coming here means you are being seen by providers who care – not providers who are trying to make a quick buck. Providers here are paid the same amount per session held; they are not paid commissions or extra on testing or products. If you have a regular session, a crisis or a testing session, the providers income does not change. There’s no motive to “upsell” you. The cost you pay is a reflection of the time it takes for appointments, interpretation, write up and the instruments we use.


Our testing staff consists of two testing psychologists and any master’s level testing assessors are certified and overseen by a psychologist. Why is this important? Because Master’s level therapists are not given in graduate school, any testing instrument or conducting assessment internships or courses. Those courses are, on a nationwide basis, are not required for a master’s degree in social work or counseling and traditionally are reserved for doctoral level psychologists. This means for anyone without a doctorate degree conducting these tests, will either be supervised by a psychologist or psychiatrist or has obtained accredited post-master’s degree certification in a specific suite of instruments. Consider the source, education level, experience and supervision of anyone offering you any type of psych testing. 


Medication Needs

  • Our collaborating psychiatrist can get you in very quickly, and immediately discuss medication. The psychologist we partner with works with clients ages 12 and up.

  • Our tests our transferable and do not require additional testing

  • Again, there’s no retesting being done. 


What to expect:

  • For all testing services, please expect that the testing process will take up to 7 business days.
    • This includes booking your appointment, completing your appointment, and receiving your results. 
  • No refunds on testing services.
  • If you are an existing client at Transformative Growth Counseling, your results will be made available to your established therapist, for you to additionally review results.
  • Full Panel Testing Assessment
    • Session 1: Intro and intake
    • Session 2: Full testing (PAI, MMP, WISC)
    • Session 3: Results and psychoeducation