Youth Emotional Skills Group

This processing group is for youth that are struggling with day to day life and are looking for some support from both counselors and other tweens/youth their age. This is a process group so it will involve the tweens being able to have a forum to discuss the challenges that they are currently facing and to gain support and guidance from other teens that are experiencing similar problems and/or have gone through something similar and been successful at overcoming it. Some group themes are self-esteem, parent-child relationship, sibling relationship, bullying, emotional regulation, anger management, communication, behavioral problems, etc.

Start date will be Feb 21st to allow more time for registration.

Rochelle Youth

If your youth is already working with a therapist, we’d encourage you to continue your work with them, while attending this group. Sessions run for 10 weeks total. Parents are not required to wait around while group is in session – please feel free to enjoy downtown Rochelle!

Call us at 630-423-6010 to reserve your spot!