Relationship Repair

Transformative Growth Counseling (TGC) specializes in Relationships. But, that doesn’t mean just romantic couples, it also encompasses all the other relationships we have – parents, siblings, children, extended family, your boss or employees, friends and of course, your romantic partner. Humans are biologically programmed for desiring relationships and attachment to other people; relationships are what we humans do. Through evidence based, emotionally focused counseling for individuals, couples, and children, your therapist will help you discover the dynamics and struggles within a troubled relationship, so that it may be assessed, understood, and improved upon.


In treating relationships (e.g. couples), TGC uses Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) to help you and your partner change their attachment to each other. Infidelity & betrayal are the number one issues we help clients overcome in couples (and individual) counseling – if you’re facing that as a couple, you’re not alone!

Through therapeutic work &emotional healing, couples learn how to:

  • Address and overcome issues of infidelity, dishonesty, betrayal and abandonment.
  • Identify harmful patterns of interaction.
  • Repair broken bonds.
  • Regain trust.
  • Find the positive in each other, and in life.
  • Identify needs and meet the needs of each other.
  • Maintain these positive changes that lead to life-long love.

……and finally, getting the spark back in their sex lives.

For those in Non-monogamous, poly, kink, or LGBTQIA relationships, TGC takes a sex positive, flexible approach to working with these unique relationship issues. Sexual minority couples have different dynamics and internal workings than the traditional, monogamous Male-Female couple. Too often, these couples find themselves getting treatment that is not culturally sensitive to their needs. We believe these differences deserve just as much respect, recognition and support as any other relationship – rather than shame, guilt or forced conformity.  Dr. Norman, TGC Clinical Director, is active in advocating for LGBTQIA & sexual minorities rights, and stays current in the newest psychology research on “non-traditional” relationships.

Too often, “relationships” wait until it’s too late to seek help; at times, coming in with irreparable damage. Don’t wait until then; contact us today to schedule an appointment for your relationship – let’s get started on building a new future.


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