Prescriptions and Medication Management.

Here at Transformative Growth, we believe that access to psychiatric care and prescription medications, should be affordable and accessible...and that your provider shouldn’t be so over booked or so controlled by insurance, that you can’t get a proper visit!

You’ve probably already experienced it – waiting weeks or months to see a psychiatrist, only to spend a few moments talking about your symptoms before being written a prescription and rushed out the door. It’s become an industry standard because there is a lot of need and just not enough providers. And, insurance has its demands as well. So, in an effort to meet the needs of patients, typically larger medical facilities are pushed into a corner of having to ask prescribing providers to see clients in 5-10 minute slots... or having to turn away people.

We listened to our providers, therapists and clients. And one thing was very clear: everyone wants more time with one another, to feel comfortable prescribing, starting to take medication, or trying an alternative, natural approach. While we realize this makes less availability in the way of how many people can be 'seen' , we still feel having enough time to properly talk with clients, will be our priority here at TGC.


We are changing the model of prescription care!

  • We allow up to 30 minutes to see your provider for your first visit…not 0-10 minutes!


  • Your prescription provider and your therapist work hand in hand to ensure collaboration in determining the best medication, holistic or alternative solution. 

In Addition:

Your prescriber works hand in hand with your therapist here at TGC, so that you can get all your mental health care needs, in one place - seamlessly.
No hassles, delays, or paperwork nightmares.

By assuming and allowing for a thorough initial clinical assessment (30 minutes) and offering you control of how much time you need for follow up visits (up to 30 minutes), you have time to actually talk about what’s going on, so we can insure a proper client-to-medication fit (or holistic intervention) and effectiveness.

  • If you happen to not need the entire time, that’s ok too! We just want you to know, we’ve set aside this time for you. You and your psychiatric provider can decide together – do you need a 15 minute follow up, or 30 minutes? 
  • Of course, all providers of any time, at TGC, are LGBTQIA allies and advocates. This is always a safe space for all – from your first call to your last visit.


PPO Insurance is accepted: 

BCBS, Aetna, CIGNA, Optum, United Health. Out of network PPO also accepted. 

We also offer affordable, sliding scale cash rates!