New Year, New Health

**Frequently Asked Questions**

**1. Is insurance accepted?**
Yes, insurance is accepted, including Medicaid.
**2. Can I pay cash?**
Certainly! Cash payment is possible at $35 per week.
**3. What kind of goals could I set? How could I utilize this group?**
The group is versatile for any health or wellness goal related to food/nutrition and movement. Whether it’s weight management, improving fitness, or enhancing overall well-being, the possibilities are vast. Examples include weight loss milestones, dietary changes, or establishing a regular exercise routine.
**4. Will I need any special programs or expensive supplies to participate?**
No need for extra expenses! The group utilizes free platforms like Facebook and MyFitnessPal. For Facebook participation, consider creating a profile you’re comfortable with for group purposes. You can use an alias, but Dr. Jessica needs to know to link it with your health profile in Jane.
**5. It’s after January 2nd, can I still join?**
Absolutely! It’s never too late to start. Research shows that even beginning to improve health, movement, and nutrition in your 60s can add up to 10 functional years of life! Join the transformative journey whenever you’re ready. 🌟
**6. I live outside of the state of Illinois or Florida. Do you accept my insurance? Can I still participate?**
We do not accept insurance from outside Illinois or Florida, but you can still participate! Given the global nature of our psychological and coaching/peer support elements, participants from anywhere are welcome. The cost for participation is $35 per week, payable in cash.
**7. I really want to participate, but I cannot afford it. Do you offer any financial assistance?**
Absolutely! As a nonprofit organization, we prioritize inclusivity. Our groups are typically open access until they reach capacity. If cost is a concern, reach out to our office to discuss your financial needs. We are here to assist you to the best of our ability, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to benefit.
8. How is this group different than, any other group?
That’s a very broad question, but we can describe how this group operates which might be different than other groups you tried. 
This group utilizes the existing and ever growing body of research on brain and gut health. That research overwhelmingly states that disease and illness, even mental health illnesses, all start from inflammation in the body body. The primary, most serious, cause of inflammation in our bodies, comes from three main sources
1. Poor nutrition.
2. Stress
3. Lack of sleep.
This group aims to help people, address, any or all, or other health goals. For example, someone might recognize that they struggle to drink enough water each day. While that doesn’t really seem like it applies to poor nutrition, I think we can all agree that it is good for your well-being to drink water. This group can be used to meet a goal like that.  
This group also utilizes two driving factors of support
The first is peer support. There will be others in the group, who have the same goals like you, or have different goals than you. By being around others, doing the same as you – which is improving your overall health and  wellness  – you are way more likely to succeed and maintain lifelong changes. The fact is, peer support has a heavier impact on maintaining changes, more than attending therapy does. When we think about someone giving up drug addiction, the biggest thing that helps them achieve that, is having a social/community, that isn’t using drugs. Not going back to that previous stuff. In the same manner, we created a community for you to have Support and feel like you’re not alone on this journey. 
The next Level of support you are provided, is health and psychological facts (actual facts, research & studies, not TikTok stuff) , coping and behavioral change skills, and weekly check-ins with Dr. Swenson. In addition to this support, you’ll see that Dr. Swenson is also walking the walk with you as she participates in goal setting and accountability just like everyone else!