Meet Our Team of Clinical Professionals

Melodi Hickey offers humanistic, person-centered therapy that focuses on incorporating mindfulness meditation and a mind-body-spirit approach to treatment.

Locations: Illinois, Florida
Pronouns: She/Her

Michelle Thorpe is passionate about fostering client’s resiliency. Through a holistic based approach, working to help clients handle strong emotions.

Locations: Online & In person A

at KCC.

Cassie Whitfield is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who focuses on offering concrete skills to help when you need them most.

Locations: Chicago
Pronouns: She/Her

FULL, not accepting new clients

Bazz joins us as an experienced Clinician who, as a queer and non binary healer, believes in creating space where you can be your full and authentic self. 

Locations: Online- Illinois
Pronouns: They/Them

Kaitlin Johnson believes everyone deserves to have a fulfilling counseling experience.  Kaitlin concentrates on making sure clients feel heard and seen. 

Locations:  Online – IL, and In person at Phalanx Family Services in Chicago. 

Carla Colvin, ANP, is a caring, warm and empathetic mental health prescriber offering appointments for those seeking psychiatric medication and/or holistic solutions for their mental health.

Maria’s approach is informed by the belief that our bodies carry and hold more than we realize, disconnection from self – mental, emotional, and physical can make navigating life stressful and sometimes even scary. Reconnection and awareness can bring grounding, peace, and healing. 

Locations: Online, Illinois

Dalton Williams is a compassionate, warm counselor who aims to create a trusting and equal relationships with TGC clients throughout their theraputic journey.

Locations: Online – Illinois & Florida

Dave understands that not all life-paths are clearly marked, or mapped out ahead of time. Sometimes new opportunities come unexpectedly, or trauma closes a previously-open door.

Locations: Online, Illinois

A self-described “people person”, Matt Hedding-Hess, is a warm and empathetic counselor. Matt believes the therapy setting should be one place you can show up fully and authentically. 

Locations: Online, Illinois
Pronouns: He/Him

Alissa Rosen is dedicated to providing exceptional care and effective treatment plans that are tailored to the goals and needs of each client.

Locations: Online, Illinois
Pronouns: She/Her

Merek Poto, LSW is a warm and empathetic person who specializes in helping college students during their educational journey at IVCC.

Locations: In Person & Online at IVCC
Pronouns: He/Him

Currently not accepting patients under the age of 16.

Using a person-centered approach, I incorporate mindfulness techniques and mind-body-spirit connection during our work together.

Locations: Online – IL

IN person & Online – Florida

I strive to create a safe space where you can express yourself freely without judgement and are listened to with compassion, empathy, understanding, and genuine care.

Location: Online & In person Florida

Age Range: 15-65

Ashley Patterson is a compassionate therapist, who works with children, adolescents, adult individuals, and couples. Her techniques utilize mindfulness in combination with CBT and DBT therapy.

Location: Illinois – Online

Hi! My name is Britney Blackmon (She / Her / Hers).  I am a clinical intern with a background in education. I believe in genuine respect for individuals and their natural systems. 

Locations: In person & Online: Illinois – Naperville Office

Pronouns: She/Her

Julie Johnson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a focus on individual goals and specific needs, creating a safe and supportive space for all her clients. 

Locations: In person in Florida & online in Illinois

Jessica Oladapo is a warm and inviting therapist, dedicated to assisting clients in developing resilience and wellness as a state of being. 

Locations: Online- IL and In person only via Phalanx Family Services.

Pronouns: She/Her

Allison joins us as a passionate therapist, helping you confront issues that are holding you back and begin the journey of empowerment, self-love, and healing.

Locations:  Online, Illinois

Promise me that you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.-Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh. Some days are harder than others. Sometimes all you can do is breathe. But we all have something special that makes us uniquely us, to help us get through those rough and rocky times. Can we work on embracing that part of you together?


Locations: Online – Illinois

Joe Phillips is a MSW intern currently enrolled at Tulane School of Social Work. Due to graduate in December he is focused on utilizing the techniques he is learning to help individuals from all backgrounds to overcome obstacles in achieving their best possible lives. Joe believes that creating a safe place that is free from judgment for his clients to have open and honest conversations about where they are at and where they would like to go is the key to helping them achieve happiness and fulfillment. 

Locations:  In person and Online at KCC. 
Pronouns: He/Him/His

While using eclectic therapy and feminist theory, Megan strives to create a safe space for clients to express their true selves and explore a wide range of their lives. Megan is sex-positive and strives to destigmatize kink and other sexual relationships while encouraging and empowering positive sexual experiences. She is knowledgeable in sexual trauma, personality disorders, LGBTQ+ issues, and kink/polyam relationships.

Locations: Online – IL 

Dr. Jessica
Founder & Owner

Dr. Jessica is not taking new or prior patients at this time. Currently she focuses on staff growth and organizational impact in communities. 

“The future is no place to place your better days.”

You’ve come here for a reason; trust yourself to take the next steps to find a deeper connection to yourself, others, and ultimately your life. I focus on creating a safe yet growth oriented space for you to explore your authenticity in all its complexity. 


Location: Online and In person in Florida.

Renee Edwards is committed to helping her patients finding answers without judgement, specializing in working with veterans and other high-risk work-related issues. 

Locations: Online in FL and IL.

coming soon

Michael Alexander-Luz is our Director of Student Training, with specialized training in youth/adolescents, LGBTQ+, abuse/trauma history, and WPATH Standards.

Locations: In person & online Florida. Online, IL.

Finn Coker provides a safe and welcoming space and aims to help guide you through your journey towards being free to explore your authentic self.

Pronouns: They/Them

Locations: In person & Online in Florida. Online, IL

Having a hard time in relationship with yourself, your friends, your family, your coworkers, your partner(s), or others?


Let’s work it out together.







Location: IL – Online

Hello! My name is LaShay Roberts (She, Her, They/Them). I am a clinical intern who has experience with childcare, education, and Applied Behavioral Analytics. I have a passion for assisting individuals and ensuring their most fulfilling quality of life, I am not a stranger to difficult issues and I enjoy seeing the growth and confidence of the individuals I assist sprout.

We are not meant to take this journey alone. A therapeutic relationship can create a healing and consistent space to observe and reflect on the seasons of life.






Location: Online in IL

Hello, there! As a clinical intern who is particularly enthusiastic about working with those who are often marginalized by society, I strive to cultivate a liberating and judgement-free space during our time together. You have a voice here.



Location: Online and In Person, Naperville, IL.

With the core belief that we learn from the part of the story we focus on, Dean takes a narrative client-centered approach to develop ways in which to heal from past wounds, integrate new skills, and remain present in the life we live today.



Location: Online & In person at KCC.

coming soon

Are you feeling stuck or unheard? Are you curious about what your life would look like if you were able to feel well and supported by your chosen community? You deserve to be heard and to be well, and my goal is to give you the tools to find power within yourself to heal, grow, and share that power with your communities.


Location: Online and IN person via Phalanx Family Service, Chicago. 

Erica is focused on providing a collaborative and trusting therapeutic environment to help clients heal. Using warmth, humor, and directness, Erica aims to empower clients of all identities.


Location: Online and IN person, KCC. 

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