Couples Counseling to help transform your relationship.


Couples Counseling to
help transform your relationship.

Relationships are hard, but they don’t have to be. With Transformative Growth Counseling, we match you with experienced therapists specializing in different types of relationships based on your and your partner(s) needs.

We help transform relationships.

As clinical therapists, we specialize in helping couples transform their relationships, with Marriage Counseling and Couples Counseling in Naperville, Chicago and Rochelle. We use Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy which has up to a 90% success rate in couples who complete the EFT counseling steps. Couples Counseling can support you in creating a closer bond with your partner, improve your communication skills, help heal past pains, reignite your sexual life, and so much more!

Our attachment-based marriage counseling and couples counseling services have been covered in: Boston Herald, The Miami Herald, ABC, Wallstreet Select, and the Kansas City Star! We welcome the help of those from LGBTIA, Kink, Open/ Poly & Christian communities.

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Couples Therapy

Your relationship with your loved one is the your most valuable asset. It affects your emotional, social, physical, and financial health. It also creates a model for your children of what love is supposed to look like. Contact us today for your free 20-minute introductory session.


We're here to help you find a better path forward.

We're here to help you find a better path forward.

We believe effective couples therapy is…

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How To Get Started

How To Get Started

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If your relationships are struggling with any of these issues – we can help!

The biggest threat to your relationship is inaction. Regardless of what therapy approach is being used, we know what doesn’t work: continuing to fight, criticize each other, or withdrawing in order to avoid addressing the turmoil, anger and hurt you’re both likely holding on to.

About Us

Professional Relationship Counselors that you can trust.

Professional Relationship Counselors that you can trust.

We are a 501c3 federally recognized nonprofit organization; founded out of Illinois in 2016. We believe that mental health care is a crucial part of overall well-being & we are committed to providing compassionate & effective counseling services to those who need them.

Client Testimonials

Transformative Results

Pirkka Räisäne

Great place. The therapy worked well and I felt better! They have helped me turn my life around and given me a more positive outlook on life! Thank you all at transformative Growth Counseling!!

Nicole Bohnsack

My experience at Transformative Growth has been truly life altering. I am so grateful to have found an amazing therapist who could help me through one of the most difficult points of my life.

Stephanie Mitchell

From the moment I made my appointment to speaking with my new therapist, the staff was great and more than helpful. They worked with me on a personal level, just what I was looking for and very comfortable to talk to.

Erica Fueller

It's been difficult trying to find counseling in an environment that isn't judgmental. I really appreciated the fact that my goals for therapy were listened to, and the staff was dedicated to finding the right fit.

Joshua Brummel

If you are looking for quality care and a place to heal and grow - Transformative growth will be an amazing place to go for counseling and receive the support you need. I would highly recommend this location!

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We can make great progress.

Fill out the form, or call us directly to get started. We can offer a variety of solutions to help you manage your stress better, and go back to being your old self again.  If you fill out the form, please allow 24 hours for someone to get back to you. 

Couples Counseling & Therapy FAQ.

Some of our most frequently asked questions about couples counseling.

No. You don’t have to be married to participate in couples counseling, and often times it is extremely beneficial to engage in couples counseling if your relationship is experiencing problems and you and your partner are planning on getting married. We are an open and affirming practice who welcomes all Couples – Straight, LGBT, Monoamous, Poly, Kink and Alternative – whatever your relationship type, you’re welcome here!

Other important benefits of seeking treatment include learning how to communicate with your significant other without resentment, and you both will learn how to deal with issues head on with one another.

Yes we do. Transformative Growth is a safe, LGBT friendly counseling center. We provide excellent care for people of all walks of life, regardless of sexual orientation.

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Together, we can make great progress.

Fill out the form, or call us directly to get started. We offer free 20-minute introductory calls to see if we’re a good fit. If you fill out the form, please allow 24 hours for someone to get back to you.