Meet Our Team

LaShay Roberts

TGC Intern


  • Mental Health
  • Family Wellness
  • Grief counseling for mothers (miscarriage and other birth issues)
  • Child Counseling

Hello! My name is LaShay Roberts (She, Her, They/Them). I am a clinical intern who has experience with childcare, education, and Applied Behavioral Analytics. I have a passion for assisting individuals and ensuring their most fulfilling quality of life, I am not a stranger to difficult issues and I enjoy seeing the growth and confidence of the individuals I assist sprout.

Helping individuals grow and understand themselves is what a strive as a therapist. I want my individuals to be able to resolve tough decisions without any instance of doubt and feel as free as they possibly can

I received my Bachelors of Arts in Human Development and Family Sciences in the year 2017 from Illinois State University. Throughout my time in undergrad, I volunteered in after school services, reading programs for children and teens, a teacher’s assistant as well as, a nanny for two Autistic boys.


After graduation, I continued my love for children by finding employment in a daycare for neurotypical children from 2019-2021 and from the fall of 2021 to present I have been employed as a Registered Behavioral Therapist to a therapy program that caters to atypical children and teens. I continue my work in working with children and families as they are on of the biggest groups of individuals who nee the most advocating.