Kankakee Community College
Clinical Professionals

From surviving to thriving. Joe journeys alongside his clients on a path to discover who they truly are, as well as how outside influences such as trauma, societal standards, and culture have stifled their sense of true belonging. By coupling mindfulness, somatic work, and psychoeducation with talk therapy, he helps clients overcome their challenges and move toward a place where they can be their true selves.

Location: Online and In-Person, KCC

Struggling to manage life’s challenges or unmet goals? I specialize in helping adults, couples, and families improve mental well-being. Together, we create a supportive space to explore thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. I offer personalized strategies and tools to empower positive change. Schedule an appointment and take a step toward a better you.

Location: Online & In person in Naperville.

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Location: Online and In-Person, KCC