Dr. Jessica Norman

Dr. Jessica Norman, LCPC

Dr. Jessica Norman is a warm and compassionate clinical therapist and community psychologist who specializes in Relationships. But, that  doesn’t mean just romantic couples, it also encompasses all the other relationships we have – parents, siblings, children, extended family, your boss or employees, friends and of course, your romantic partner. Humans are biologically programmed for desiring relationships and attachment to other people; relationships are what we humans do. Through evidence based, emotionally focused counseling for individuals, couples, and children, Dr. Norman will help you discover the dynamics and struggles within a troubled relationship. In treating relationships (e.g. couples), Dr. Norman uses Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) and Emotionally Focused Family Therapy to help you and your partner, or family, change their attachment to each other.

Through therapeutic work & healing, couples learn how to forgive and love again through:

  • Addressing and overcoming issues of infidelity, dishonesty, betrayal
    and abandonment.
  • Identifying harmful patterns of interaction.
  • Repairing broken bonds.
  • Regaining trust.
  • Finding the positive in each other, and in life.
  • Identifying needs and meet the needs of each other.
  • Maintaining positive changes that lead to life-long love.

(……and finally, getting the spark back in their sex lives.)

For those in Non- monogamous, poly, kink, or LGBTQIA relationships, Dr. Norman takes a sex positive, flexible approach to working with these unique relationship issues. Sexual minority couples have different dynamics and internal workings than the traditional, monogamous Male-Female couple. Dr. Norman is active in advocating for LGBTQIA & sexual minorities rights, and stays current in the newest psychology research on “non-traditional” relationships.

For adult individuals seeking counseling:

In addition Depression and Anxiety, Dr. Norman also provides therapy for individuals affected by:

  • Abandonment
  • Abuse
  • Addiction.
  •  Anger.
  •  Bio-feedback, using Spire
  •  Bipolar and other mood disorders.
  •  Borderline, Narcissistic , Antisocial Personalities.
  •  Clinical Supervision.
  •  Divorce Counseling / after-divorce adjustment.
  •  Gender & Sexuality.
  •  LGTBQIA and/or other sexual minority populations.
  •  Infidelity, Betrayal and Emotional injury in couples.
  •  Parenting.
  •  Personality disorders.
  •  Psychological Assessments.
  •  Poly and Non-monogamous relationships.
  •  Self Esteem & Self-Worth.
  •  Sexual Functioning / Sex Therapy
  •  Trauma and Abuse childhood, including complex trauma.
  •  Using Mindfulness training/ Eastern Meditation

Education and Expertise:

Dr. Norman is Community Psychologist, a licensed clinical therapist and certified in clinical trauma treatment. She practices EFT (emotionally focused therapy) and utilizes bio-psycho-social attachment science as her treatment orientation. She has spent countless hours learning, training and teaching EFT to couples, families and students.  She is the founder and the Clinical Director of Transformative Growth Foundation and the owner of Transformative Growth Counseling, LLC. She earned her Bachelor’s degree at DePaul University; Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at Roosevelt University; and her PhD in Community Psychology at National Louis University. Her current projects include working alongside the Prevention Institute’s community practitioners to practice prevention approaches in health, in the community; is a research reviewer for the American Psychological Association’s Annual conference proceedings; teaches at the university level when not undertaking clinical students; and consultation for small organizations and nonprofits, such as museums, cultural centers and grassroots organizations.

Dr. Norman has conducted research on, and/or has spoken at Psychology research conferences on her above mentioned specialities; including but not limited to: Micro-aggressions (2011) Personality Disorders and DBT (2013); Children’s learning through technology (2014, 2015); Culture, Racism & Privilege in undergraduate university programs (2015, 2016), community building in historically oppressed neighborhoods (2015), adverse (trauma) childhood experiences (2015), and Transgender inclusivity (2015).

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