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The Greatest Showman: THIS IS ME​ (song) 


This song really spoke to me when I heard it the first time. Something we have been thru is not all of who we are. We are glorious just as we are. Every one of us is a work in progress and that is what I am here for to help you heal those parts of you that are hurting you and to help you show the world that you that is GLORIOUS.


Using a person-centered approach, I incorporate mindfulness techniques and mind-body-spirit connection during our work together.

Locations: Online – IL
IN person & Online – Florida

Hello there, beautiful creature of nature! Now I know, it is often said that it is unwise to “assume” but I’m a firm believer that assumptions are a necessary pre-lude to the expansion of one’s knowledge and clarity. It’s what you plan to do with that assumption but more importantly how you communicate and find supporting evidence to legitimize your findings that is essential. With

Locations: In person in Florida & online

Renee Edwards is committed to helping her patients finding answers without judgement, specializing in working with veterans and other high-risk work-related issues.

Locations: Online in FL and IL

We are all learning to adapt and thrive in this digital age due to the social and political impacts we face, and with this our mental health suffers. I primarily work with teens and adults who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community and their families and loved ones.

Locations: In person & online in Florida.

Are you struggling to “find yourself” or your purpose in life? Do you feel overwhelmed with obstacles in life and that no one understands what you are going through? Life can be hard in general and particularly so when you feel you have no support. Many people learn to isolate themselves when feelings of anxiety and depression arise, which only makes those feelings worse and can lead to more long-term issues.

Locations: In person & online in Florida.

Using a client-led and holistic approach, I aim to foster a calm and supportive environment where clients can discuss a wide range of challenges they are facing. Life has many complexities, and we will collaborate to develop methods of coping and working through these complexities that are tailored to your individual needs.

Locations: Online and In-Person in FL

Feeling unheard? Feeling misunderstood? Feeling lost or abandoned? Feeling like time has passed you by and you’ve missed the mark? Feeling unmotivated? Or like you’ve lost yourself?

If so, then, I am who you’ve been searching for!

Locations: In person & online in Florida.

Julie Johnson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a focus on individual goals and specific needs, creating a safe and supportive space for all her clients.

Locations: In person in Florida & online in Illinois

Have you weighed the pros and cons but still struggle to determine your next move? Does it feel like your feelings are often dismissed or misunderstood? No matter what you do, does it feel like you cannot escape that feeling of loneliness? 


When working with me, I want all my clients to feel comfortable and safe while feeling heard and validated.

Locations: In person & online in Florida

Dalton Williams has a passion for compassion. He always wants to create a warm and welcoming environment where clients can feel comfortable and accepted while traversing whatever they may be going through Building a collaborative and equal relationship that works towards beneficial solutions and realizing goals is of the utmost importance to his practice.

Locations: Online Florida

With a proven track record spanning over 15 years in public service, Jen Brens is an esteemed authority in workplace mental health and mental health first aid training. Her diverse portfolio includes pivotal roles in nonprofit organizations, city establishments, learning institutions, and chamber bodies. A notable highlight of her service is her tenure as the president of the board for the chamber of commerce and her leadership as the executive director for a public television station.

Michael Alexander-Luz is our Director of Student Training, with specialized training in youth/adolescents, LGBTQ+, abuse/trauma history, and WPATH Standards.

Locations: In person & online Florida.
Online, IL.

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