Chicago Clinical Professionals

Jessica Oladapo is a warm and inviting therapist dedicated to assisting clients in developing resilience and wellness as a state of being.

Locations: Online- IL and In person in Chicago

Kaitlan Johnson believes everyone deserves to have a fulfilling counseling experience. Kaitlin concentrates on making sure clients feel heard and seen.

Locations: Online – IL, and In person at Phalanx Family Services in Chicago.

Erica is focused on providing a collaborative and trusting therapeutic environment to help clients heal. Using warmth, humor, and directness, Erica aims to empower clients of all identities.

Location: Online & IN person in Chicago.

From a trauma-informed lens, Rebecca creates a safe and therapeutic space for individuals and couples to identify and healthily express big emotions – whether it be anger, fear, joy, or sadness – knowing that these are typically emotions we often try to minimize. 

Location: Online & In person in Chicago.

In my counseling practice, I hold the belief that individuals are not defined by their traumas. Instead, I aim to empower clients to overcome life’s challenges by harnessing their inner strengths. Let’s work together and navigate the path towards resilience and personal growth.

Location: Online & In person in Chicago.

Our stories and experiences have a powerful impact on us. How we learn and make meaning of these experiences and how we choose to define ourselves have even more power. My hope is to offer guidance, tools, and unconditional care and support to hear you and work together to meet your goals so that you can live an empowered and meaningful life as your genuine authentic self.

Locations: Online and In-Person in Chicago

Michelle Thorpe is passionate about fostering client’s resiliency. Through a holistic based approach, working to help clients handle strong emotions.


Location: Online & In person in Chicago.

With a proven track record spanning over 15 years in public service, Jen Brens is an esteemed authority in workplace mental health and mental health first aid training. Her diverse portfolio includes pivotal roles in nonprofit organizations, city establishments, learning institutions, and chamber bodies. A notable highlight of her service is her tenure as the president of the board for the chamber of commerce and her leadership as the executive director for a public television station.