Chicago Clinical Professionals

Jessica Oladapo is a warm and inviting therapist dedicated to assisting clients in developing resilience and wellness as a state of being.

Locations: Online- IL and In person in Chicago

Kaitlan Johnson believes everyone deserves to have a fulfilling counseling experience. Kaitlin concentrates on making sure clients feel heard and seen.

Locations: Online – IL, and In person at Phalanx Family Services in Chicago.

In my counseling practice, I believe individuals are not defined by their traumas. I offer a holistic approach to mental health by blending teaching and counseling insights. By specializing in trauma care and mindfulness, I create a supportive space for clients to explore their strengths and heal from within. Let’s journey together on this empowering path!

Location: Online & In person in Chicago.

Amanda emphasizes the importance of personal stories and experiences, the way they shape a person’s identity, and the way in which we make meaning of these experiences. Through a person-centered approach and a psychodynamic lens, Amanda acts as a guide towards self awareness, healing, and growth. 


Locations: Online and In-Person in Chicago

Michelle crafts personalized interventions, honoring clients’ diverse identities. Her approach tackles inner and outer conflicts head-on. In her inclusive environment, clients feel empowered to navigate their needs. Her support is affirming and non-judgmental, benefiting individuals from all walks of life, including those in non-traditional relationships.

Location: Online & In person in Chicago.

With a proven track record spanning over 15 years in public service, Jen Brens is an esteemed authority in workplace mental health and mental health first aid training. Her diverse portfolio includes pivotal roles in nonprofit organizations, city establishments, learning institutions, and chamber bodies. A notable highlight of her service is her tenure as the president of the board for the chamber of commerce and her leadership as the executive director for a public television station.