Transformative Growth: CARE Fund!


The Transformative Growth Counseling (TGC) CARE Fund (Community Assistance for Resilience and Empowerment) aims to provide accessible mental health services to individuals and families facing financial hardship or other qualifying circumstances. This program applies to all future clients. Existing clients will need to transition to the TGC CARE Fund within 8 weeks or consider clinical intern services.

This policy applies to current and future clients who are seeing LPC, LSW, LCPC, LCSW clinicians at any of our locations. This policy also applies to masters level student interns; the financial scale applies to clients but the session limits do not. Clients who are currently seeing or opt into meeting with a student intern do not have a session limit.

Approval for carefund assistance does not mean an immediate appointment is available for you.  You should expect to be placed on waitlist during this time, until someone has an opening. If you wish to see a specific therapist or have a restrictive schedule , please know this may increase the wait time considerably. 


Clients may qualify for financial assistance if they or someone in their household meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Income at or below the federal poverty line ($30,000 per year for a family of four)
  • Medicaid recipient
  • Receives SNAP benefits (food stamps)
  • Enrolled in the WIC program (kids food program)
  • Receives food assistance for Native Americans
  • Receives emergency housing assistance
  • Holds a housing voucher (section 8)
  • Enrolled in subsidized rental housing or public housing
  • Receives Homeownership vouchers
  • Receives Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Receives SSI (Supplemental Security Insurance)
  • Receives SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance)
  • Is undocumented or unhoused (with appropriate documentation)
  • Is staying with a qualifying individual who is willing to share documentation

Application Process:

Clients must complete a Google Form available on the TGC website. This form requires the submission of documentation supporting their eligibility for financial assistance. The admin team will review submissions and update client files accordingly. Click below to fill out the form to see if you qualify!

Financial Assistance:

Medicaid:  We now accept regular medicaid in IL. 

If you are in Arizona, Florida or any other location,  OR have a carve out plan – such as the Illinois BCBS Community plan, we are NOT yet it network. 

Therefore, if you are outside the state of IL, or have a carve out plan, we recommend you find an office that accepts that specific plan. Otherwise, you are welcome to pay the $5 fee and not use your insurance. 

Anyone meeting criteria will also be offered assistance in applying for services that they qualify for.  

$5 per session for individuals currently at $0 income or on Medicaid.

$15 per session for individuals qualifying for two or more assistance programs.

$30 per session for individuals qualifying for one eligible service (excluding Medicaid).

Financial assistance is capped at $30 per session.

*If you do not meet any income criteria for government services listed above, you may be offered sliding scale sessions, which start at $50 or higher, depending on therapist license level, specialties, complexity of case, and schedule openings. 

Session Renewal:

Clients who are working with a LCP, LSW, LCPC, LCSW clinician are initially approved for 24 sessions. After this period, re-approval is required for an additional 12 sessions, with a $5 increase in financial assistance. Clients may continue to seek re-approval in 12-session increments, each time receiving a $5 increase until the cap of $30 is reached. 

If a client is seeing a LPC, LSW, LCPC, LCSW clinician and would like to transfer to a masters level student intern following the 24 sessions or follow the 12 session re-approval; the client’s rate will stay the same as it was for the previous clinician and is transferred to an student intern with no session limit. 

Clients who work with a masters level intern clinician from the beginning of treatment: the above payment scale applies, however there is no session limit. 

Adjustments for Higher Paying Clients:

Clients currently paying $50 or more per session will see a $5 increase in fees. This adjustment is necessary due to inflation and aims to maintain the agency’s ability to provide counseling to those in need.

Policy Justification:

The adjustments in fees and financial assistance reflect our commitment to providing equitable mental health services. By redistributing resources and adjusting fees, we aim to ensure that all individuals, regardless of financial circumstances, have access to the support they need for their mental well-being.

Policy Compliance:

After the 8-week notice period from the start of the policy, clients are required to apply and determine their new payment plan based on the Transformative Growth Counseling (TGC) CARE Fund guidelines. Failure to do so will result in the temporary pause of therapy sessions until the client establishes active attempts to determine a payment plan with the administrative team.

Clients must engage proactively in the application process and adhere to the established financial assistance criteria. Failure to comply by the end of the 8 weeks may lead to interruptions in therapy sessions until the client’s financial eligibility is determined and a suitable payment plan is established. This provision ensures that clients take the necessary steps to maintain their therapy access and encourages timely communication with the administrative team to facilitate the continuation of mental health services.


Clinicians will be notified on May 10, 2024 in IL and May 17, 2024 in FL. Current clients will be notified via Jane of written notice that the policy is starting on May 17, 2024, and they will have 8 weeks (July 12, 2024) to reach out to the admin and submit documentation via the TGC website/CARE form. Future clients, starting May 17, 2024, will need to complete the form on the website.