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Our Process & Philosophy

Attention parents! Is your child struggling with focus and attention in school? Do they have trouble completing tasks or staying on track? It could be a sign of ADHD.


But don’t worry, we’re here to help! Our certified ADHD testing is available for kids (and adults) ages 5 and up. 

Our team of experts will conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine if ADHD is the cause of your child’s struggles.


Our testing process is easy, safe, and efficient. 

Plus, our team will provide you with the support and guidance you need to navigate any next steps.

What to expect:

  • For all testing services, please expect that the testing process will take up to 7 business days.
    • This includes booking your appointment, completing your appointment, and receiving your results. 
  • No refunds on testing services.
  • If you are an existing client at Transformative Growth Counseling, your results will be made available to your established therapist, for you to additionally review results.
  • For the ADHD screening only, you typically will need to complete two, one-hour long appointments.
    • Session 1: Intro and screening
    • Session 2: Results and psychoeducation
  • ADHD Full Assessment
    • Session 1: Intro and ADHD screening
    • Session 2: PAI/WISC/MMPI, etc (Additional full spectrum testing instruments)
    • Session 3: Results and psychoeducation
    • Session 4: Optional extra session if more testing time is needed or you desire more time to discuss next steps, the diagnosis, parenting, etc. Additional visit fee / copay applies**

How does ADHD testing work?

ADHD screenings and full ADHD certified assessments at TGC may include the following steps:

  1. Medical and developmental history: The healthcare professional will ask questions about you (or your child’s) medical and developmental history, including any previous diagnosis or treatment for ADHD or other conditions.

  2. Behavioral observation: The healthcare professional may observe you (or your child’s) behavior during the evaluation and in different settings, such as at home or at school, to get a better understanding of their symptoms.

  3. Psychological and neuropsychological testing: We use multiple psychological and neuropsychological tests to assess symptoms and evaluate  attention, memory, and executive function skills. Which ones? Depends on the person we see. Here’s the thing – no test is perfect for ALL subjects. We do not use a one-size-fits all approach.

  4. For children: We may interview the child’s parents and teachers to gather information about the child’s behavior and symptoms in different settings.

  5. Review of school or work records: We may need to review you *or your child’s school records, including their academic performance and any reports of behavioral problems, to get a better understanding of their symptoms.

After we meet and conduct your screening or testing, results will be shared with you, and any clinical documentation or advocacy you need will be provided to you.
The process of ADHD testing can take several meetings, depending on the complexity of the case, and especially with children as observation plus testing is needed.

What is the cost and what does it include?

ADHD Full Evaluation ages 5-18+:

Great new! Testing is covered by most insurance plans. 

This screening is just for ADHD. It is done in one 60-minute visit and results are given & written up within 2 business days. The purpose of this screening is to save you – the parent, money and time.


If the child doesn’t have a preliminary positive ADHD screening, then there is no reason to pay MORE money for more ADHD testing.


While this can be used for verifying ADHD, we recommend a thorough evaluation. If you decide after the screening, to proceed with a full evaluation, $250 of your previous paid fee will be credited toward the full evaluation.


For adults:  If you do not need “verification” for disability services, school/work assistance or legal issues, this will likely be plenty. A full eval would be recommended in cases where you need documentation for services. You are welcome, of course, to get a full evaluation simply because you want to. Some people feel that they may have been misdiagnosed in previous settings and would like to be assessed for all possible outcomes. 

ADHD Full Evaluation ages 5-18+ : $1,050-$1299. 


The full evaluation takes place over 3-4 visits and consists of multiple ADHD intensive testing scales, plus a comprehensive full general mental health assessment for all diagnoses applicable to children or adults.

This testing serves two purposes: 

  1. Detection of or ruling out, ADHD and;
  2. Detection or ruling out, other co-occurring mental health symptoms or issues.

Proper, full testing of all possible outcomes is the most reliable, verifiable and thorough way of assessing ADHD. If you were previously screened and are now proceeding with a full eval, we credit $250 of your money to the full evaluation cost. 

In addition to a suite of reliable and valid ADHD testing, it is important to assess for more than one set of possible diagnoses. In this manner, we use a broad spectrum psychological and personality diagnostic assessment, in addition to our ADHD testing.  If ADHD isn’t present, you’ll want to know why, and what IS present, if not ADHD.  We don’t just test FOR the one thing, we also rule out anything it is NOT.


Please note: Good psychologists and supervised testing assessors know what testing and confirmation bias is and would never ever test for the presence of one item, without ruling out the items that don’t exist, and then call that a thorough evaluation. It is not. Testing for only ADHD is not a full evaluation.


This specific testing suite we use for full evaluations is only available and permitted to be conducted and interpreted by those holding a doctorate in psychology or psychiatry. Masters level clinicians are not able to access, purchase or give these results. Hence, Dr, Jessica  or Kaitlan Johnson (PhD-c) conducts those assessments. We may utilize a testing proctor or master’s clinician to conduct the question/answer portion of the evaluation, but all statistical analysis, results and write ups,  are determined someone who is qualified to do so. 


Got more questions about ADHD? See our educational page on ADHD. 

Advocacy Services

We’re happy to help and have lots of experience advocating with clients to assist them in meeting their goals regarding schools and workplaces. 


Currently, schools are inundated with requests to assess and provide services for ADHD. This is a problem because teachers, schools, and some mental health centers are not qualified to detect ADHD diagnoses. When a school becomes overwhelmed, a common reaction is to ignore requests.



No worries -we will walk you through what’s next. 


Looking for parent support? We offer free support in our online group – check it out! 



If you need someone to advocate for you, attend IEP/504 meetings or help formulate accommodations in the school or workplace, we are here to help. 


Advocacy is not therapy, so we can not use insurance to cover the cost of assisting your case outside the therapy room. There is a separate rate of $300 per hour for advocacy phone calls, emails and appearances, which must be paid in advance.

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