Written by our own clinical therapist, Carmisha Foster, LPC.

Post traumatic stress disorder (now commonly referred to as Trauma)  is a mental illness that develops in patients that have usually witnessed a terrifying event, or tragedy. Not every person who has witnessed a life threatening event will suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, but unfortunately, many people do. Patients diagnosed with PTSD will often experience what are known as flashbacks which force them to basically relive the traumatic event, and these flashbacks can haunt them for a number of years if they don’t seek proper treatment. Patients with this disorder can also experience fits of rage that are hard to manage or control.

What Other Symptoms Are Associated With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Other symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder include:

If you are having any of these symptoms we encourage you to seek help so that you don’t let PTSD take control of your life. There are several treatment options available to help you stay in control, and help you through this tough experience. Many counseling centers like ours offer cognitive behavioral therapy, which is backed by much research and proven to be effective against disorders such as PTSD.

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